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When you buy a goat from Kabulya Goat Trading, you can be sure of what it is that you are buying. We will check that the mother is what the breeder claims and we will check that it was mated to the claimed father. We will also examine the young goat to see that the colour etc are consistent with the reported parentage. Only then will it be accepted for sale.

Ethical Trading Policy

Fairness to the breeders

Most of the price of the goats goes to the breeders. When we find breeders that we can trust, we want to encourage them to continue the good work.

Sustainable sales

Before they were able to get milk from their goats, the main purpose that smallholders kept goats was as a kind of bank. Their crops generated wealth, and the goats stored it in a form that made it easy to mobilise. That culture has not changed much among keepers of dairy goats. This has resulted in the failure of many breeding projects, when too many crossbred goats are sold at the same time. As well as being concerned about individual farmers, we are keep an eye on the overall breeding programme. That means working with the breeders groups so that they get big enough to meet demand, and encouraging placing a high value on retaining quality breeding stock.

Looking to the future

Selling breeding stock is a wonderful opportunity for the farmers that we source our goats from. But we know that it is possible to breed even better goats in the future. Our training programme and our pricing structure are deliberately planned to maximise the incentive for the farmers to participate in selective breeding. Building long-term benefits not just short-term profits.

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