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Kabulya Smallholders’ Goat

The perfect goat for subsistence farmers

The target

Currently the ideal goats for smallholder farmers are 50% crosses. However, the typical milk production is only ½ litre (1 Tampeko, 500 ml) for household use. Our target is goats that can produce 1½ litres (3 Tampeko, 1500 ml) for household use .

Similarly, the 50% crosses are not as resistant to disease as local goats. In particular, they need to be dewormed and may be affected by heartwater. Our approach to selective breeding is designed to steadily improve the disease resistance of the breeding population.

At household level the breed needs to fulfil multiple requirements. One of those is to provide offspring for selling. So fast growth rate and a meaty conformation is important, especially in the males.

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Potential partners

We are looking for the following types of partner:

Getting started

The foundation stock for developing the Kabulya Smallholders’ goat are low-grade crosses between dairy goats and local goats. But the chosen starting point will depend on the needs of the people involved. For instance, someone who is keeping goats on a ranch and wants to produce milk for selling may start with at least 50% crosses, and might push it up to 62% dairy ancestry. (The limit allowed in the breed rules.) Peri-urban smallholders with a good market for the milk might also favour 50% to 62% crosses.

Conversely, high in the Rwenzori Mountains, where it is difficult for veterinary officers or extension staff to reach, the main priority is disease resistance. In that case crosses of just 25% or 37% are the favoured starting point.

Choosing the most appropriate breeding plan is part of the advice that we are able to give to our partners.

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