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Who needs to buy 50% crossbred dairy goats?

If you want to keep 50% crossbreeds and you want to be producing milk straightaway, then you should buy 50% dairy females and at least one 50% dairy male.

If your eventual target is 75% crosses, but you are not confident enough that you can manage them, 50% crosses can be a good place to start. If they are mated to a higher grade male, the offspring will be of higher grade, but you will have gained experience from keeping the 50% mother, before you tackle the 62% (if the father was 75%) or 75% (if the father was pure) offspring.

The 50% males are mostly used to ‘stabilise’ 50% stock - that is mating 50% males with 50% females to produce 50% offspring. It is less common for 50% males to be used for mating with local females, but there are certain situations where it can be useful:

50% crossbred goats in Uganda

The main advantages of 50% crosses is that they do not need to be zero-grazed, and they can me managed by people who have had little training.

The goats available are generally the offspring of pure males mated to local females. The breed of the buck depends on the area.

For an introduction into how to keep them and the relative benefits of 50%, 75% and purebreds, click here.

Buying 50% Crossbred Dairy Goats





Mostly 50% Saanen



50% Toggenburg or 50% Saanen



Mostly 50% British Toggenburg


Prices of 50% dairy goats

All prices are for female goatlings of 8 to 9 months old and a minimum weight of 17 kg as estimated by the heart girth method.

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