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Who needs to buy 75% crossbred dairy goats?

If you want to produce a good amount of milk quickly, buying 75% females could be for you. Of course, you will also need at least one 75% male to ensure that subsequent generations are as good a their mothers.

But even if you want to keep 50% crossbreeds, the most economic way to get them could be to buy 75% males, and mate them with local females.

75% crossbred goats in Uganda

Not everyone can afford to buy purebred dairy goats, but 75% crossbreeds provide an alternative. In Elgon Region, Farm-Africa promoted the breeding of 75% Toggenburg goats. Typical female and males are shown below.

In other areas 75% Saanen are available, which are normally white in colour.

For an introduction into how to keep them and the relative benefits of 50%, 75% and purebreds, click here.

Buying 75% Crossbred Dairy Goats





Mostly 75% Saanen



75% Toggenburg or 75% Saanen



Mostly 75% British Toggenburg


Prices of 75% dairy goats

All prices are for goatlings of 8 to 9 months old and a minimum weight of 17 kg as estimated by the heart girth method.

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