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Disease resistance

However, ease of management is also important.That is why we are starting from 75% crosses, not purebreds. The selective breeding will steadily improve the milk production, to the point where it will become feasible to seed new breeding groups using good quality KCG males. This will mean that as time goes on there will be an increasing amount of local blood incorporated into the KCG breeding stock. Disease resistance will therefore slowly improve even without explicit selection for it.

Milk production

Milk production is our main focus with this breed. For that reason, we are mainly starting from 75% crosses to ensure that right from the beginning there is adequate milk production to make the breed commercially viable.

Getting started

There are probably no local goats that would qualify for the lowest KCG Grade considered (Grade 4). It would be possible to start with 50% crosses, but the following are more feasible:

The Grades

Our breeding programme makes it possible for anyone to get started, but also provides a framework for breed improvement. The grading pattern for the KCG is an extension of the one for the Kabulya Smallholders’ Goat (KSG). In order to qualify as a particular grade, the goat must either have both parents of at least that grade or the milk must be measured at least 4 months after the goat delivered and must reach the following thresholds:

The rules do not specify any limit to the grade achievable, and international experience suggests that Grade 40 would be possible (i.e. 10 litres per day)  However our current target of Grade 20 represents the maximum that has been observed for the best purebred dairy goats in Uganda.

Kabulya Commercial Goat

Our Vision

The Kabulya commercial goat (KCG) is targeted at people who want maximum milk production for selling - and who are prepared to put effort and capital into animals capable of producing it


The current breeders of 75% crosses prefer their goats to resemble the European breeds that they have been derived from - Toggenburg or Saanen. We are therefore incorporating appearance into the good breeding standards for the Kabulya Commercial Goat. However, at this stage it is not part of the breed rules.

The Rules and Recommended Breeding Practices

The description above gives a basic framework. The detailed rules are a bit more complicated, but still feasible for a well organised breeders’ group.  

Get Help

You are free to apply the Kabulya breeding system for yourself. But you may also choose to partner with us, to benefit from technical advice, verification of your breeding stock and help with marketing your surplus offspring.

Download them in PDF format here.

Our breeding target

To achieve the fastest progress, follow the best breeding practices.  

Download them in PDF format here.