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Kabulya Commercial Goat

For people who want to make a business selling goats’ milk

The target

The major breeds of dairy goats were developed in Europe, where conditions are very different from Uganda. As a result, they rarely manage to produce as much milk in Uganda as in their home environment. We need to select breeding stock that can perform as well in Uganda as the Toggenburg and Saanen goats do in Europe.

With such a high target of milk production, we need to start with a substantial amount of European Dairy ancestry. Typically, we use 75% dairy crosses as the starting point. We then select the best-performing goats to breed from, so that generation by generation we approach the target.

Although milk production is the major selection criterion, there will inevitably be unconscious selection for disease resistance - an unhealthy goat cannot produce a lot of milk, so merely by selecting the highest producers, we must also be selecting for good disease resistance. The Kabulya breeding system encourages steady incorporation of local blood into the breeding population, which also contributes to improving tolerance to local conditions and diseases.


Potential partners

We are looking for the following types of partner:

Getting started

The starting point for developing the Kabulya Commercial Goat is normally 75% dairy crosses. However, in cases where better disease resistance is needed it would be possible to start with 62% crosses. As good quality KCG stock becomes available, it would be possible to start with local goats and breed for 2 or 3 generations from KCG males in order to generate the required foundation stock to start your own breeding programme.

Choosing the most appropriate breeding plan is part of the advice that we are able to give to our partners.

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know.